Chromebook Troubleshooting

What to do when your Chromebook is not working correctly?

1) Turn it off and turn it on again. 

On & off again Meme image
Press & Hold the power key.

2) Try a Hard Reset

Screenshot hard reset instructions
Then restart with the power key.

3) Is it an Extension?  

Some extensions can cause issues. Did you just install an extension?  Do you have a million of them running? Chrome extensions can slow down your Chromebook.
Check by going to chrome://extensions

screenshot disable extension

4) Is it a Theme?

Did you just install a Theme, and your Chromebook is acting funny?  Go to chrome://settings and reset to 'Default Theme'
screenshot reset to default theme

5) Is it a Keyboard issue?

Some keyboard issues have been reported on the Lenovo Chromebooks. Others are working well. But, you might be able to solve it, if it is a International Keyboard setting.

Try toggling between INTL and US Keyboard.

Still not working?  Ask your teacher if you can have a pass to see Mr. Schultz in the library.  He might be able to fix it, but he may also have to send it for service.
If it is truly broken, let your teacher know about it!