Creating Passwords you can remember!


Everyone needs one, but can never remember one.  Then, you come up with one, and... you use it everywhere!  Then, whoops... someone got ahold of your password! Now, all of your internet stuff is out in the breeze.

How do I create a password that I can remember, and is unique for every site I go to???

Here is my tip:

If I follow this method, I can remember my password, and it can be different for everywhere I go!

My 'rootword' and 'suffix' can be the same for each site.  I just change the initials for each site I go to...

  • Try not to use a 'rootword' that your friends can guess about you.
  • Your number on your football, hockey, or other jersey might not be the best for your suffix.

Remember, a password is not a password if it is not private.  Be very careful with whom you share your passwords!

Do's and Don'ts of Creating Strong Passwords
Do's and Don'ts of Creating Strong Passwords by Common Sense Media

Question by Gregor Črešnar from the Noun ProjectNeed help changing your school email password?  See Mr. Schultz