Chromebook Boot Camp

Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots by jim crossley via CC 2.0

Chromebook Boot Camp at Waupaca School District

Chromebooks can be great, and can be great for learning.  But, some teachers and students may feel that they need a little more training to get comfortable with the devices.  This 'Boot Camp' will help you get your feet dirty in that respect.

Module 1: Care.
1.1 Care and Maintenance
1.2 Cleaning and Repair

Module 2: Communication
2.1 Google Calendar
2.2 Email Communication
2.3 Google Classroom
2.4 Sharing and other issues

Module 3: Productivity
3.1 Google Sites and Portfolios
3.2 Google Docs
3.3 Google Slides
3.4 Google Sheets

Module 4: Research
4.1 Google Search and What is real?
4.2 Research Tips and Bibliography (Google Keep and Easy Bib)
4.3 Creative Commons